For Old Times Sake

You try to kill the old but it rises in your heart. The broken cracks become us and slowly drain into who we are, who we become, who we see. In the end it all adds up to a life and these moments will remain to define and inform the man I was and all that I become. From here on out all I can say is "I'll do my best, sorry for my worst". God bless you my friends.


Bikes and Recordings

So the bike along the railroad was AMAZING, it was gorgeous. Here are some pics.

Also i got a mention on Olga Osipova's offical website because I mixed her CD release party and did a recording as well. Here's a screen capture :)


Two Posts In Two Days OMG

So today I am going on a 22 km bike ride with some guys from church. I'm looking forward to some sun and some unexplored trails to add to my repertoir. I'm planning on actually taking pics so hopefully I'll be able to show the crazy beauty of this place at least a little. Other than that Production meeting at 5:30 and Barbeque at 7. woo. Me and Jen went down to the waterfront after work last night and had some drinks on the lakeshore. It was soo beautiful the moon was almost full and it was shining across the water from the bridge to the boardwalk. We talked about relationship troubles that some of our mutual friends had/are having and we came to the conclusion that if something is right it is sooo easy and you don't have to ask all the ridiculous questions that come with most relationships. It's just like two pieces that didn't neccesarily fit perfectly at first but were close enough to wiggle in and work on the little things. If the big things don't fit then there's no point stressing about the small stuff. Find the big fit first and then work out the details that make up the real abiding relationship.

Dr. Jordan relationship therapist signing out.


Long Time No Post

Wow alot has happened since Sept 07. I am sitting in the booth at work just contemplating the absurdity, the fragility and the absolute beauty of life. My general perogative right now can be summed up in a little song called I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.

I won't won't hesitate no more, no more, it cannot wait, I'm yours.

Man it has taken me by storm the beauty of this place I have come to live in. It's like everytime I step outside God is just looking right back at me. It's a very humbling experience to be allowed to live in such a place of peace and joy as Kelowna BC Canada. I have a production meeting tomorrow night and then A Chrous Line kicks into gear with set building and rehearsals and what not. Should be fun. I had a blast spending just over a week in Nanaimo at the end of June and connecting with Robin and co was a great experience as it always is. I finally feel as if I am on an even footing with the other techs on gigs and that I really finally "know my stuff". I guess almost a year of being a TD will do that. Well I'll try to write more soon. Gotta mix a show :) The house is open.


Bye Bye Sexy Ex-i.... Hello Betta Jetta


No longer living hand to mouth

Today I accepted the position of Technical Director at the Rotary Centre for the Performing Arts.


Fulfilling But Not Fulfilled

Coming into my own at a crossroads, I fell to my knees and wondered where you were. And if all my aspirations are fulfilled, and all I'm left to do is fill the time and whittle away the hours, I guess I'd rather have you to share that nothing with. Whoever you are, I'm sure I'll love you someday. You won't be the first, but could well be the last, if I let you. If I can stand. If I can breathe. This is getting exactly what you thought you wanted and sitting waiting for the real thing to finally come into being. We will march forward with our heads held high and not be those words that bring us to the dust.



Well the pills I got they ask me lets go out for a while
And the knives up in the kitchen are all too dull to smile
Yeah and the sun it tries to warn me
Boy those wings are made of wax
While the things I do to kill me
They just tell me to relax
But oh Cinderella
All dressed up in all your boots and all your charms
I'm not the fellow
To protect you or to keep you from all your harm
And I don't know which is worse
To wake up and see the sun
Or to be the one be the one

Be the one that's gone
And the empty bottle it misses you
Yeah and I'm the one that its talking to
And with you and I just barely strangers
I'm pretty much just left the fool
Damn don't the streets look empty though
Just wandering round here without you

Oh the empty bottle it misses you and I'm the one its talking to
And I don't know which is worse
To wake up and see the sun

Or to be the one be the one that's gone

To Be The One - Ryan Adams